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20 Facts for Sex And the City’s 20th Birthday

Written by Emily Rokke

The show Sex and the City came out 20 years ago today, on June 6, 1998. The fashion was hot, and for that matter, so were the girls. These facts will have you reminiscing about one of your favorite shows of the 90s.

  1. Cynthia Nixon is a natural blonde. Her hair is dyed red to play Miranda.
  2. Carrie was supposed to be a brunette. At the last second, producers changed their minds and made Carrie a blonde.
  3. Brady’s character is the same actor in the shows and the movies.
  4. The doctor playing a doctor while Miranda gives birth is really a doctor in real life.
  5. The fifth season is so short because Sarah Jessica Parker was pregnant in real life.
  6. Carrie’s apartment sold for $9.65 million in 2012.
  7. Both Alec Baldwin and George Clooney turned down the chance to have roles in the series.
  8. Nixon doesn’t have pierced ears so during filming she had to wear clip ons.
  9. Stanford and Carrie were set up on a date in real life. They are still good friends to this day.
  10. Brady’s belly button is swatted around by the cat after falling off. In real life, it’s a piece of beef jerky.
  11. By 2001, Parker was an executive producer and made $3 million per episode.
  12. No outfit is repeated by any of the girls throughout the shows except once. Carrie wears a fur coat in the final episode that was from the first episode of the  series.
  13. Mr. Big’s character is based on a real life person. His name is Ron Galotti and he’s a big-time magazine publisher.
  14. Parker wore heels for up to 18 hours while filming.

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  15. Samantha almost wasn’t played by Samantha. This is to say that Kim Cattrall turned down the role twice before accepting it.
  16. Carrie’s tutu from the opening of the show came from the bargain bin. It only cost $5.
  17. The cocktails in Sex and the City were all fake. What? They were made with water and sometimes food coloring or cranberry juice.
  18. The last episode of the show finished filming a short four days before the episode aired.
  19. A lot of the shows storylines were based off the writers’ real life experiences, including  getting broke up with on a Post-it.
  20. All of the addresses of the women were fake, however, you can take a tour of all the real locations shot at during filming in NYC.

This show is still a classic and enjoyed by so many. Happy Birthday Sex and the City, we still love you!


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