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3 Reasons to Watch Double Jeopardy Again

Written by Emily Rokke

Have you seen this movie yet? It came out in 1999 but has remained a favorite throughout the years. 

Whether you’ve seen it or not, here are threereasons you should watch it again.

It’s an Action Flick

And also drama, suspense, murder, and more. This movie has a little bit of it all. There are car chase scenes, running chasing scenes, guns being shot, people being ‘buried’ alive, technically kidnapping, and so much more. This movie has a high entertainment factor and is very fun to watch.

It’s Badass

So this chick, excuse me, Libby, gets full on tried and convicted of killing her husband. She serves several years in jail because of it. But the thing is, she literally didn’t kill him. So get this, after everything happens and before Libby goes to jail, she puts her son, Matty, in the care of her BFF Angela, for safekeeping. Angela stops calling and coming to visit all the sudden and when Libby gets her and Matty on the phone, she hears Matty exclaim, “Daddy!” From there on out she gets fit, learns the ins and outs of the legal system thanks to a jailmate, and is bound and determined to get her boy back. 

It’s on Netflix

What better reason do you need than this? It’s currently streaming on Netflix. It’s running on the top ten list right now, too. (You know that new feature on Netflix that shares the top ten things people are watching? Ya, that.) Apparently there are a lot of other people who like this movie and are glad to see it, too. Or, there are people taking a chance on this late 90s movie and really enjoying it. It could easily go both ways.

Thanks Netflix for fulfilling our 90s dreams and releasing this movie to stream and stream again. What other 90s throwbacks are you watching these days?

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