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4 (+1) Reasons Why Titanic is the Most Romantic Movie of the 90s: Part Two

Written by Emily Rokke

Titanic is the most romantic movie of the 90s. Have you read 4 Reasons Why Titanic is the Most Romantic Movie of the 90s: Part One? Because this is part two. 

She Picks Him

Rose could have all the money in the world. But she would have to marry and live with a controlling, domineering husband. She doesn’t choose wealth and power. She chooses love and Jack. Even after he dies and she sees Cal in New York, she decides to go it on her own and live her part of the life that she and Jack only dreamed of.

Goes to Jail For Her

Literally, Jack gets hauled off to jail. The coat he was wearing was something that he took, but the jewelry in his pocket? That was not his doing. Call had his servent plant that piece on Jack and him and Rose are separated as he is taken away.

She Rescues Him

Rose runs to Jacks aid after realizing she knows he would never have stole the jewlery from her and that he didn’t do anything wrong. She searches out Professor Andrews, who ultimately helps her find Jack. She even has to swim through the ice cold water to get to him.

He Dies For Her

He did what he needed to, to keep Rose alive. They both assumed he would be fine in the water, or maybe he knew he may not. The thing is, he made the choice to save her regardless of if he lived. Now that is love.

She Lives For Him

The plans these two had were so fun and full of life. They wanted to travel and ride on the roller coasters. They were going to ride horses on the beach, in the surf, with one of her legs on both sides. She does it though. She flies a plane, rides on the beach, and truly honors what he gave to her and what he meant to her.

This romantic movie is one for the ages. It should be watched again and again. Is this your favorite romantic movie?

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