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90s Christmas: The Gifts We All Wanted In The 90s Part Two

We all loved the 90s and the toys and gifts of the decade were the best, too. Here are all the things you wanted for a 90s Christmas, or maybe you still want them now.

90s Christmas: Beanie Babies

If these weren’t the smash hit of the 90s then I don’t know what was. They all have a name, different coloring, and are one of a kind. And there were all the beanie babies you could ever want, if you could get your hands on them of course. Beanie babies were life in the 90s and if you held on to some of them and loved and took care of them, they may be worth a pretty penny. Look it up, you may be sitting on a small fortune.

90s Christmas: Power Wheels

Coming from a kid who never got one, this was the number one must have toy of the 90s. Who didn’t want their own car at the ripe age of 2. (I know someone who once got a 1½ year old a riding toy!) Zooming around in these brightly colored cars was the best part of Christmas, I mean summer, I grew up in Wisconsin after all.

90s Christmas: CD players

The Discman was a passage of childhood in the 90s. We all had one, and we all loved them. Sure, it skipped anytime you hit a bump or moved it at all, but it pumped out tunes and we loved them even with their flaws.

90s Christmas: Tamagotchi

You could be a mommy or a daddy to a little creature we fondly remember as the Tamagotchi. Make sure to remember to feed, water, and take care of your little virtual sidekick.

90s Christmas: Lisa Frank Everything

And because Lisa Frank makes everything, it’s not that hard to want anything, and everything, Lisa Frank. Some of her many offerings to date include a 2019 12-Month Lisa Frank Calendar, a tiger comforter, a sheet set, a penguin velvet coloring picture, a compact star speaker, and even Lisa Frank back to school supplies like a leopard glitter folder and notebook, to match. What more could you want?

If you need more Christmas inspiration from the 90s, read 90s Christmas: The Gifts We All Wanted in the 90s.  Christmas is right around the corner so whatever you buy, you better do it quick!

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