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90s Christmas: The Gifts We All Wanted In The 90s

Written by Emily Rokke

Were you a 90s kid? ‘Cause I was and it was the best time for toys. These toys bring back all the fun of a 90s Christmas and any of these toys would be fun to get today, too.

90s Christmas: Koosh Ball

Whether you got this in your stocking or with other small but awesome gifts, we all loved getting these. You could play catch with it, squeeze it to make mini balloons between your fingers, and pull the little strings and stretch the ball out, too. It was fun and rubbery, what more could a kid want?

90s Christmas: Creepy Crawlers

Not only was making bugs awesome and creepy but you had to mad scientist them to life first. Cool! Also, we felt we could gross out our parents and leave these bugs all over the house so that was good enough for us.

90s Christmas: Super Soakers

Name someone that doesn’t love super soakers and I will give you all the others who love super soakers! These water guns got more and more awesome every year. But as a child raised in the Midwest, I can tell you that the six month waiting period between Christmas and summer was a long one. But once summer was there, the water-filled guns were out and it was on!

90s Christmas: Moon Shoes

I don’t think I ever owned a pair of these but let me tell you one thing, when I wore them with friends or at a party, they were awesome! Imagine if you paired these with the trampoline parks of today. You might die, just saying.

90s Christmas: Doodle Bears

Because it’s better to convince your child to write and draw on a stuffed animals than it is on a wall? Well, if you want stuffed animals and maybe even mistaken couch pillows to be permanent coloring pads then this toy is the best idea! All around, probably better to teach them paper only, unless you’re in art class.

Which Christmas gifts are your favorite? Are you a Christmas lover? It’s almost here now!

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