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90s Christmas: What Made It The Best

Written by Emily Rokke

Christmas is everyone’s favorite holiday but a 90s Christmas was the best. You got the coolest toys and there were the best traditions! Let’s reminiscence. 

90s Christmas: Gifts

From Creepy Crawlers to Moon Shoes, 90s Christmas Gifts were the best Christmas gifts. Plus the thrill of seeing Santa and telling him everything you wanted and lots of cartoons on while you played with your new toys was the best! A Christmas in the 90s was always awesome.

90s Christmas: Party Outfits

People used to really dress up for Christmas.  (It’s like how people used to get really dressed up to fly on a plane.) I remember as a kid I always wanted to be dressed up, and my mom always wore a dress, and my Grandma would always wear a broach. It was a dressy affair.

90s Christmas: Winter Holidays

Christmas wasn’t the only holiday we celebrated at school; we learned what everyone we went to school with celebrated. My elementary school winter festivities always included Kwanzaa and Hanukkah, and we loved it all.

90s Christmas: Christmas Parties

These days, school systems and parents alike are seemingly cracking the whip on all these school parties, and traded treats, and sugary festivities, but back in the 90s? We had it all. Cupcakes, cake, candies, chocolate, sugar of all kinds and a party all day. (And for that matter, all week really!)

90s Christmas: Milk and Cookies

Did you leave milk and cookies for Santa? If you did, this was a fun and festive activity. If not, you should this year. Plus, it’s an excuse to make cookies, eat cookie dough, and make memories.

90s Christmas: Carolers

Did people ever really go caroling? If anything, they did in the movies. And in the 90s, everything that was fun happened, so yes, people really did carol.

90s Christmas: Christmas Decorations

Driving around to see everyone’s Christmas lights was one of the funnest parts about Christmas. Simple lined and lit houses are so elegant and full out colors, light up statues, and red and green spotlights are festive and fun, too!

Along with this is the amazing food of the holidays, there were the TV specials and movie marathons to enjoy, too. Some of these things are here and in full swing for Christmas 2018, but nothing is like Christmas in the 90s.


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