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90s Fashions Are Coming Back In 2019

Written by Emily Rokke

Are you a child of the 90s? If you were, than all the styles are like throwbacks from your childhood. If not, you still remember all the styles that made the decade awesome.

And guess what? They were so awesome that they’re coming back.

Remember all those huge and clunky shoes we wore and loved from the 90s? They’re back, too. And so are choker necklaces.

What’s next? Baby tees? Only time will tell.

If you ever stare into your closet and wish you saw your wardrobe from the 90s, you’re not alone. (And you could pretty much find all the styles you wanted to, if you wanted to go full on 90s.)


The “Slinky” Platform Sandal is being sold for $70. Steve Madden’s platform sandals are back and will be sold in lime, hot pink, and iconic black. There is also a retro thong option.

These sandals were actually rereleased in 2017, but not in these trendy tones. Steve Madden and Urban Outfitters are working together and Madden said this,  “Since the very beginning, it’s been all about platforms for us. We figured now was the perfect time to re-invent these styles in a fun and exciting way and there wasn’t a better partner than Urban Outfitters.”


Choker necklaces were everywhere in the 90s. You could get the plastic ones with the interlacing pattern, solid ribbon type necklaces with a charm hanging off of it, and many others, like this black, thicker designed choker.

And it may not be the 90s anymore but these necklaces have been back in the stores for years now.


Round glasses are back, too. And more popular than ever. You see them on the stars, on people walking around town, and in the movies. These glasses had their time as nerdy and goofy but not anymore.

This shape is huge in the sunglasses market and is making a name for itself in the prescription glasses, too. Even the kids are getting in on this fashion.

No matter what style from the 90s was your favorite, it may be coming back. Watch for more articles with all the best throwback styles.

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