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90s Foods: Yummy, Nostalgic, Popular Treats From the Past- Part Two

Written by Emily Rokke

Did you see the first batch of yummies in 90s Foods: Yummy, Nostalgic, Popular Treats From the Past? Because this is part two.

90s Foods: 3D Dortitos

These 3D doritos were crispier, crunchier, and smaller than the original. They were also a little more fun because they could be popped into your mouth. Yum!

90s Foods: Cheese Balls

Cheese Balls are still on the shelves these days and popular as ever. Powdered cheese covers the little bite-sized balls of corn and these can be played with much the same as 3D Doritos. They’re popable!

90s Foods: Jet Puffed Fun Mallows

These mini marshmallows are multicolored, multi-flavored, and so good! The best way to enjoy these is to make rice krispie treats with them. They are fruitier and more flavorful treats and you will love them!

90s Foods: Ninja Turtles Ice Cream

Remember these from the ice cream trucks? Who doesn’t want to eat ice cream that looks like a ninja turtle head?

90s Foods: Ring Pops

Yes! Ring pops! These suckers came on an expertly envisioned ring to enjoy, right off of your hand. All you had to do was choose your favorite flavor, slide the ring onto any finger,  and then enjoy your treat. This is a way more fun version of a regular sucker.

90s Foods: Cosmic Brownies

Cosmic Brownies were the ultimate school dessert. Rich, chocolate brownies were topped with circular sprinkles and you got two in every package. You loved this dessert and so did all of your friends.

90s Foods: Butterfinger BB’s

Butterfinger’s are so delicious. So when they came out with these small, chocolatey balls of Butterfingers, everyone loved them! The name “BB” is descriptive of this treat because of their similar looks. Do you love Butterfingers, too?

90s Foods: French Toast Crunch

Because baby toasts are the cutest breakfast cereal has ever been. And Cinnamon Toast Crunch just doesn’t compare.

Snacks and treats are fun to have. These 90s eats were devoured by the masses and most are still around today. What are your favorites?

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