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90s Foods: Yummy, Nostalgic, Popular Treats From the Past- Part One

Written by Emily Rokke

Food, yum! And 90s foods? They were awesome. There foods were all popular in the 90s and you can still find some of the on the shelves today. But, they may be a little different than you remember.

90s Foods: Trix Yogurt

The two-toned yogurt of the 90s was Trix Yogurt and everyone loved it. With flavors like Raspberry Rainbow and Strawberry Banana Bash, the names are almost as good as the yogurt! Personally, fruit on the bottom yogurt was always a favorite.

90s Foods: Lunchables

True, these came out in the 80s. But Lunchables are still very popular and coming out with more flavors all the time. With over 30 combinations, some including juice and dessert, Lunchables are still popular with busy moms and hungry kids alike.

90s Foods: Little Hugs Juice

All the nostalgia comes back when you see these, doesn’t it? Summer camp, birthday parties, or right off of the grocery store shelf, no matter where you enjoyed these drinks, it always felt like summer. And like being a kid again.

90s Foods: Fruit String Thing

These fruity, long, and thin ropes of gelatin are almost a fruit snack and almost a fruit rollup, but different. The best part? They came in fun shapes and created cool pictures. You just had to peel them off before scarfing them down. Yum.

90s Foods: Trix Cereal

Yes, Trix is still around and still popular. But this colorful, fruit cereal is small balls now but it wasn’t always that way. Do you remember the shapes that used to be in Trix cereal? Let’s just say, in the 90s, Trix were a lot more fun.


The little hugs drinks are so fun. Are they still around? Trix was much cooler when it had fruity shapes and String Thing couldn’t be more exciting of a snack to eat. What were your favorites?

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