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90s Kool-Aid Flavors Are Making a Comeback

Written by Emily Rokke

Old Kool-Aid is back, and it’s the retro flavors we knew and loved. What was your favorite Kool-Aid flavor of the 90s? These are coming back for a reboot.

For some reason, we never had juice in the house, or soda growing up, because sugar. But what we did have was Kool-Aid, don’t ask me why. And we always had lots of Black Cherry.

Apparently, that’s what my family liked the most, because I still remember that being the only kind we ever had at home. I liked Orange, Grape, and of course, Fruit Punch Kool-Aid, but nope. All we ever had was Black Cherry.

Well, these flavors are still around but some old throwback favorites are back, too. And these are the ones that you need to enjoy while you can.

The Kool-Aid flavors coming back are Purplesaurus Rex and Rock-A-Dile Red. Kool-Aid has officially confirmed discontinued flavors return to store shelves later this year. “Retro Jammers” has a new line out, complete with 55% less sugar and as always, it’s an excellent source of Vitamin C.

“Oh yeah, retro flavors are real,” Kool-Aid said in a statement. “We’ll have more details to share when Retro Kool-Aid crashes into stores this year, and we’ll make sure you’re among the first to know,” they said to Delish.

Purplesaurus Rex and Rock-A-Dile Red have been reincarnated before. They came out with three other retro flavors in a short revival via 2014.

Kool-Aid has had a lot of products over the years including Kool-Aid drink mixes, ice cream bars, singles drink mixes, Kool Bursts Kool-Aid Jammers and so many more.

They also had freezer pops, juice boxes, dippers, drink pitchers, cans, bottles, Island Twists drink mixes, Mountain Twists drink mixes, Fruit T’s, and themed drink mixes.

Traditional flavors were cherry, grape, lemon-lime, orange, raspberry, and strawberry. These two retro flavors are back though and apparently there are more to come.

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