About Us

WickedSweet90s celebrates the best of the 1990s while covering what some of its biggest stars are doing now. We cover music, movies, fashions, TV, candy, food, and anything else that came from the 90s. This is a site that celebrates the best of the decade while also honoring what the people, things, shows, and more from the 90s still bring to us now.

We are always looking for ideas and would be happy to hear from any of our readers. Is there something from the 90s you would like to know about? A story to share? An incredibly bad (or great) look you would like to know how to recreate? We’re here and we’ve got a team that has seen every episode of Seinfeld, ready to help.

And, if you happen to be an 90s star (or represent one), we would love to hear from you.