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Back to the 90s with Netflix and Trish Walker’s ‘Cray Cray’

Jessica Jones’ fans were stoked with all the twists and turns of the new season. But nothing compared to the shocking glimpse into the past when Jessica was Trish and pushing for a music career in the middle of a drug addiction.

Trish Back Then

Like so many other child stars, Trish was in her mid-20s, feeling lost and out of control in her life. She had trouble fighting against her clean, alter-ego “Patsy,” for whom she’d become known for. She hoped to wipe her image clean and claim a new one with her first single “I Want Your Cray Cray.” It was the classic Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears feud playing out. Trish wanted a new image and she wanted to be known for something other than “Patsy.” She didn’t want to be “Patsy” any longer. She wanted to shine on her own and be made new. She wanted to be a singer. But her music was terrible.


Forget how the song goes? Marvel has just released “I Want Your Cray Cray” online and in its full version. That’s right. Not only that but it has added tidbits throughout the music video about Trish’s life. Fun facts tell us that her and her mom once dated the same guy. So there’s that. Also, the original idea for this music video had Trish and her dancers as crayfish. It’s hard to say what would have been worse, this song or those crayfish. Chances are, they both would have been awful.

Trish Now

The flashback is hard to watch as Trish struggles on stage. But the finale of Jessica Jones’ second season is waiting to see if and when the character will return for the rest of the show. She finally got her new role, no longer is she “Patsy” and we are all thankful she gave up singing when she did.

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