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Best Movies of the 90s: Disney Movies

Written by Emily Rokke

Disney movies are the best movies. They have been entertaining audiences for decades now, and the 90s were no different. The Lion King has a great score and the most beautiful sights. And the music from movies like Pocahontas and Beauty and the Beast is so catchy. Which movie do you think is the best movie?

Best Movie: Beauty and the Beast

This story is so beautiful. A smart, headstrong girl with a heart of gold see’s through the beast’s bad attitude and rough looks to uncover a sweet and caring man. Belle has a beautiful voice and sings often with it. The townspeople think she is strange and weird for her love of books and knowledge. But she gets it from her Daddy, the inventor and man dubbed “crazy” in the town. By the end, all of the castle’s workers have been “freed” Maurice turns back into a prince and Belle is with the man of her dreams. Aww.

Best Movie: Lion King

The Lion King is full of fun animation, upbeat songs and a strong sense of friendship. Simba is just a young boy when his father dies. Simba’s greedy, mean uncle, Scar, leads Simba to think that he is the cause of his father’s death. Grief stricken and sure that no one wants him there, Simba runs away and vows to never return. On the road he makes good friends of Timon and Pumbaa. Simba returns to overtake Scar and reclaim the throne. The best views are in this movie with the savanna and the sunsets, love it.

Best Movie: Aladdin

This movie is the best of the best. Who doesn’t want to ride around on a magic carpet? Aladdin is a poor boy living on the streets when he meets the beautiful, rich and unfulfilled Jasmine. All he needs is to put a spell on her or enchant her to make her, his. But then, a magic lamp! Who needs a spell when you have a genie? Aladdin “becomes” a prince and puts on a grand show to delight Jasmine, but all it does is make her see Aladdin like all the other princes, smug, rude and rich. It turns out that Jasmine likes the real Aladdin better and they decide to set genie free so that all of their dreams come true.

These movies you could watch again and again. Beauty and the Beast is the best movie from this list.  Which Disney movies are your favorites?

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