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Books of the 90s: The Giver (Part One)

Written by Emily Rokke

I love to read and when I was thinking about writing this article, there was really only one book that came to mind. And it’s always been a favorite. The Giver.

Having read this book at least a handful of times, (and seen the movie,) I was shocked to find out that it’s a part of a four-book series?!? Did you know that?

As soon as I found out I had to get all four books and read it right away! I read The Giver, again, in under 5 hours this time, and I just couldn’t wait to read the rest. But anyhow, this is about The Giver.

This crazy world of sameness is really strange when you think about it. Depending on what country you live in and what it’s like, this is just not the way that life is. But in this book, it is.

Here are some of the things that make The Giver so different.

  • The kids didn’t know what animals were. Well, the knew what they looked like. But to them, animals were a long past species that they never knew of, never heard, never saw, and really only knew of because of stuffed animals.
  • The family would have a nightly feelings talk. This was really just to control the sameness and help teach and mold the children into thinking with mentalities that promote the society. The mom is sad at one point and the children and dad “come to her aid,” almost “consoling” her, until she feels better and says so. It’s really very manipulative.
  • Release in the book means to kill. This applies to babies, old people, and people that have basically been disgraced or done so wrong that they are released from the community.

These factoids are only some of a few that show you how different, twisted,  and really wrong the ways in this book are. Watch for more Giver pieces to come.


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