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Do You Remember These Three 90s Stars?

Written by Emily Rokke

The stars of the 90s, who remembers them? More like, who can forget them? So many big names, emerging faces, and some of the best tv and movies of recent decades came from the 90s. Who was your favorite?

Candace Cameron

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You will remember her as DJ, the eldest daughter with the biggest bangs of the 90s. These days, this girl is still acting, and still on Full House. Rather on Fuller House, still as DJ but now an adult with three kids of her own. PS this spin off is pretty great if you liked the original, and with the exception of the Olson twins, you can tune in and still see all of your favorite Full House faces. It’s like we are back in the 90s, or 80s.

Mark Paul Gosselaar

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Otherwise known as Zack Morris. This rabble-rouser was the main man and narrator of Saved by the Bell. He got into trouble, slacked off in school, and was in general a pain. He was also fun, had a good heart, and would do just about anything for his friends. These days he keeps busy acting and has been in several TV series such as CSI, Weeds and NYPD Blue. He spent a few years on TNT’s Franklin & Bash as well. He has also starred in some made for TV movies including Beer Money, The House Next Door and 12 Dates of Christmas.

Neil Patrick Harris

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Doogie Howser was a teen genius turned doctor who graced the tv screens of the 90s. He was known for saving lives rather than chasing girls like his peers were. Back then he had his famous computer diary and the skills that paid the bills. Not only is Harris not ashamed of his earlier work, (like some stars can be,) but he even refers back to it in current acting roles of his.

These three stars barely tip the iceberg of stardom from the decade. Do you have a favorite?

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