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Four Wicked Sweet 90s Drinks, and Where They Are Now

Written by Emily Rokke

What did you drink in the 90s? Maybe it was classic Coca- Cola but maybe not. Did you love any of these drinks? Because the people of the 90s sure did.

90s Drinks: Crystal Pepsi 

Crystal Pepsi was the soda of the early ‘90s and came out in 1992.  It was clear, but it was a cola. The best part about it? It was clear! Who made cola brown anyhow? Sweet and refreshing things would be better with lighter and fresher colors. It seems crystal clear what the choice should be, but to the people of the 90s, it was a clear choice not to drink clear cola. The product was done for by the end of 1993. (It did try to come back circa 2015 and 2016, but the reboot fizzled just as quickly as the original.)

90s Drinks: Surge

Surge was the 90s version of Mello Yello/Mountain Dew/Sprite/7Up. When it came out in 1997, this citrus soda was hardcore and caffeinated. Norway originally released a product called Urge and marketed it towards extreme sports. This is why it had a green splatter can, you know, for when you are extreme sporting and you splatter. But sales slumped by 2003 and cans and bottles were pulled from the shelves. Coca-Cola re-released Surge in September of 2014 and later re-tested the product in stores in 2015. The tests were successful, so much so, that Surge is still on the shelves today. You can even find Surge slushies.

90s Drinks: Fruitopia 

Fruitopia was like the clear bottled fruit juice of 90s childhood. Fruitopia was targeted at the younger audience in 1994 and was a fun, fruit-flavored brand beverage. It was so  good that Time Magazine even called it one of the Top 10 New Products of 1994. It’s slogan was “For the mind, body, and planet.” And flavors ranged from “Strawberry Passion Awareness,” “Tangerine Wavelength,” and “Lemonade Love & Hope.” These days Coca-Cola still uses the name Fruitopia on some of the products under its Minute Maid brand but Fruitopia as we knew it in the 90s has been gone since 2oo3.

90s Drinks: Orbitz

Want some chunks with your drink? The Orbitza is perfect for you! Gellan gum is what made up those globules and according to studies they may actually aid in constipation, you know, in case your having problems with your poops. When Orbitz came out in 1997 it was thought of as a Marketing disaster. Bowels was literally a word used in the campaign and the names were too much. Case in point, Pineapple Banana Cherry Coconut and Blueberry Melon Strawberry. I mean, come on. Pick a couple flavors, not all! But apparently people loved it and it has become somewhat of a collectors item these days. So if it were to come back, the customer base would be there for it’s re-release.

Fruitopia was so 90s for me. It was in the vending machines at school and sold at the concession stands at sporting events. Did you love Fruitopia, too?

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