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Have a Happy Valentine’s Day, Like it’s the 1990s

Written by Emily Rokke

It’s almost Valentine’s Day and if you want to give, give, or celebrate it like it’s the 90s, you still can. Here are some of the most 90s Valentines gifts around.

Simba/Nala/Lion King Everything

Who was a sweeter, cuter couple than Simba and Nala? Cards, gifts, candles, books, they were everywhere and we wanted it all.

Disney Everything

Let’s be real, we grew up loving, watching, and wanting everything Disney. The couples were destined to fight forever before getting together and then it was all the romance and all the love in all the land. We still love everything Disney, age doesn’t even matter.


Your Valentine would love a scrapbook and we loved to make them. Fun pictures, amazing memories, concert tickets, movie stubs, and more. These books are sentimental and fun for remembrance purposes. The more memories you make, the more scrapbooks you can make!

Chocolate Roses

You remember them from walking into Walgreens. They were ‘fake’ long-stemmed roses with plush looking (fake) leaves and shiny red roses (also known as chocolate wrapped in red foil.) They weren’t pretty really but who doesn’t love chocolate? Plus, it’s Valentine’s Day, so what’s a better match than sweet chocolate for this sweet day.

Lisa Frank

Lisa Frank was everything in the 90s. And if you wanted to gift someone Lisa Frank, you had endless options to pick from. Fun and bright rainbow pens, notebooks, shirts, stickers, paints, and even clothes were all options. You just had to decide which amazing piece to buy and give as a gift.

Conversational Hearts

**Weeping** The Sweetheart Valentine’s hearts are not, I repeat are NOT, being sold for Valentine’s Day 2019. Krispy Kreme has said that they are making donuts with phrases and Valentine’s colored frosting for the occasion this year but you’re right. It’s not even close to the same. We will miss these 90s (and all decades) Sweetheart candies we have all come to know and love.

So I guess you can’t fully relive the 90s this Valentine’s but you can try. Either way, the day is coming soon so make your plans and love on your person!

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