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Have You Seen These 90s Shows: Part Two

Written by Emily Rokke

The 90s was full of great 90s shows. And if you’re a fan of cartoons, this is even more true. What about these shows? Have you seen them?


This early 90s cartoon may have been a bit bizarre but a lot of us have fond memories of the show. This puppet show about dino-humans portrayed them as a flannel-wearing, Flintstones-type middle class suburban family. Viewers loved or hated Baby Sinclair’s crazy antics and the singing and slapstick humor. The ending and conclusion of the show was nothing if not depressing and allowed us to think that the dinosaurs were going to freeze to death and go extinct. This show and all four seasons of it were fun but the sad ending wasn’t great.

The Magic School Bus

Yesssssssssssssss. Who doesn’t remember and love the unforgettable Ms. Frizzle? These students had it made with awesome adventures and the best science teacher around. This entertaining show was educational, too, and whether they were exploring the inside of an active volcano or being absorbed by white blood cells, it was safe to say they were living their best lives. What do you think the parents thought of their kids school time adventures?

Space Ghost Coast to Coast

The 90s was the best time for Cartoon Network viewers and the cartoons that came out from Hannah Barbera and Warner Brothers are still classics and loved by anyone who watches them. This show was a parody of the late-night TV talk shows and radio shows of Coast to Coast A.M. The show grew more absurd by the season until the main character turned full Adult Swim and got a spin-off if his own. I remember this fun cartoon and would still watch it if I saw a rerun, even today.

Which show is your favorite? Magic School Bus is the only clear winner and is my favorite from this list! Watch for more!


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