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Have You Seen These 90s Shows: Part One

Written by Emily Rokke

The 90s was full of great 90s shows. And if you’re a fan of reruns, watching 90s “tv” is so fun. What about these shows. Have you seen them?

Full House

All 90s kids watched Full House at one time or another, and it was such a great, sappy, and wholesome show. A family of five loses the lady of the household, wife and mom, and suddenly daddy Danny is feeling alone and overwhelmed. No fear, friend and brother-in-law are here! Joey and Jesse move in and help widowed Danny to raise his three daughters in downtown San Francisco. This show was so good and adored by fans in the (80s) and 90s, that a reboot came out. Fuller House, aired in February of 2016.

Murder, She Wrote

Moms and grandmas across America watched this show while their daughters were growing up. This show is reminiscent of Agatha Christie’s work and her spinster, Miss Marple. Jessica Fletcher, the star of the show, somehow always manages to be around death, keeping her busy and employed.

Unsolved Mysteries

This show was on for such a long time and still aires on Lifetime. Plus, it was on at night throughout the week all the time, so even if you weren’t catching a new show, you could definitely enjoy a rerun. These shows were filled with weird occurrences, unsolved mysteries (as the title would suggest,) supernatural happenings, and conspiracy theories. Originally the show was a staple on NBC and CBS before running on Lifetime.

Dawson’s Creek

This teen drama was full of heart and portrayed real issues. The kids talked about sex, family problems, friend drama, cancer, coming out as gay, mental health problems and so much more. The friends were really good to each other in the end, cared and protected each other and this show is a favorite of many to this day.

Which show is your favorite? I only watched Murder, She Wrote because my mom did. Dawson’s Creek is my favorite from this list! Watch for more!

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