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Horror Movies of the 90s: Part Two

Written by Emily Rokke

Did you catch my first piece about 90s horror movies? Horror Movies of the 90s: Part One lists Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer as some of the best horror movies of the decade. And here are some more.

The Faculty

This late 90s flick was creepy, and that’s what made it so good. The teachers began to become aliens and they want to take the kids with them. The water parasites that start to invade the teachers have bad attitudes and change the hosts in which they inhabit. It’s not long before six of the kids band together against this teachers turned aliens threat. Like the other movies of the time, The Faculty never loses its comedic side.

Disturbing Behaviors

It was hard to be a teen in the 90s, they never caught a break! And Disturbing Behaviors models that perception once again. In this movie, it’s the “good” kids attacking the “bad” kids. The Blue Ribbon Kids, as they’re referred to, are under this mind control that makes them act perfectly so that they can function well in life. The programming has some problems though and the teens sometimes have relapses and go into violent fits. In the end, you think all is well or as well as can be and all the parties have went on their way, but then there’s the final scene. A classroom in an urban high school is shown with kids that are swearing and playing loud music. The kids are told they have a new student teacher and the professional-looking teacher turns around as Gavin. And he has the blue ribbon “red twinkle” still active in his eye. Yike.

Have you seen either of these movies? Watch them both for a good scare, or at least a creepy-crawly feeling that horror fanatics associate with a good and chilling scary movie.



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