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Is There a Twister Remake in the Works?

Written by Emily Rokke

Who didn’t love the mid 90s Twister? This classic was drama and entertainment from the opening scene, and if you loved it then you will really be excited about this news.

There is a **possible** Twister remake in the works. 

Who isn’t in the mood for a disaster movie? I mean what has 2020 been if not a complete shitshow? Just grab a bucket of popcorn and a jug of lemonade and relax, you can watch craziness on tv, in fiction, where it should be.

Universal wants Joseph Kosinski to direct this new-age Twister. The director is busy finishing another flick now so starting Twister asap isn’t going to happen, but it could. 

If you’ve rewatched Twister lately, chances are you enjoyed it just as much as the first time. When this movie came out, it was great, and it still is. It doesn’t need a remake for that reason, it was a huge hit.

It was only a couple of years ago that Bill Paxton, who played Bill Harding next to Helen Hunt in the film, wanted to make a new version of the film. He said that a remake of some kind would’ve been fantastic, especially in 3D.

A sequel with the original actors and actresses would of course have been the ultimate set up for a nostalgic reboot. But at the end of the day, “another” Twister would be a gas.

A 3D Twister is definitely on the table. Kosinski has experience with this format and he knows how to use 3D to make the “world and image” feel bigger. 

He can do epic, and he can make it a big-screen experience. This remake isn’t for sure but it’s probably inevitable, and we’re here for it. 

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