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Now and Then: Roseanne in the 90s

Written by Emily Rokke

Just in case you haven’t heard, Roseanne is back. It’s set to air on ABC starting on March 27th. People are excited yet some are skeptical, but one thing is true. It sure will be interesting.

But Roseanne of the 90s? Now that was surely something to see. This years 2018 Roseanne will be so different than 1990’s Roseanne ever would have expected.

Roseanne in the 90s: Corded Phone

Roseanne of the 90s had a corded phone on the kitchen wall, and that was the phone everyone used. Yes, you had to be in the kitchen or close enough for the cord to reach. All your calls were taken in the middle of the house and if someone else was on the phone, you’d have to wait your turn.

This couldn’t be more different from today, a day where everyone has their own phone. Our cell phones have become engraved into our lives and we can talk on them (yes, a phone call) or not talk but text or media in any place we please.

Roseanne in the 90s: No Dishwasher

Roseanne was always wanting a dishwasher and Dan was always giving her reasons why it didn’t work. The dishwasher would take up too much counter space according to him. But when Roseanne’s wealthy neighbor moves in and Roseanne gets a glimpse of her shiny, sparkly dishwasher, in the same floor plan as hers, she still doesn’t get her dishwasher.

Dishwashers are very popular these days, just like so many other things that are electronic. In fact, dishwashers are old technology in comparison to the new washer/dryer combo of today that washes, dries and folds clothes. Can you imagine if 1990’s Roseanne knew about a self folding laundry set? 

Roseanne in the 90s: Malls

After the malls of the 80s, the 90s followed suit. Malls were busting at the seams with people and were always full of fun things to do, whether you spend time in the arcade or stopped by the diner for some food. Roseanne worked in a restaurant in the mall and her family was always in an out of there.

Nowadays, malls are closing at record speeds. With people shopping online, long past are the times of endless hours and entertainment from the mall.

Roseanne in the 90s: Books

You see the family reading books throughout the episodes. Dan spends his time on the chair or couch watching his fair share of TV, but he is often seen reading, too. And we watched DJ from when he started learning to read along with Darlene who became a loner and refused to do anything but read.

These days, even reading has become electronic. Kindles and Fire’s have become very prevalent with all ages and kids are on media and phones constantly, leaving less and less time for real books.

Seeing the differences from 90s Roseanne, to now Roseanne, is going to be good. It’ll show so many changes and how different life really is now, compared to the 90s.

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