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4 Reasons Why Titanic is the Most Romantic Movie of the 90s: Part One

Written by Emily Rokke

Is Titanic this most romantic movie of the 90s? Yes, so much so, many like to watch it again and again. What makes it so great? The big, fancy ship? The music, eating and drinking? No, it’s the people.

Jack and Rose are just kids but they have to face adversity, in their own lives and even together. Jack being poor and Rose being rich but not in control of her life brings these two together. And it’s truly beautiful, and truly romantic, to watch.

Young Love

These two were so young, still teenagers when they met in this movie. Age isn’t a factor for them when they fall, and fall hard (literally,) for each other. They are each others first true love, because let’s face it, Cal was an asshole.

He Puts Her First

When Jack finds Rose at the back of the ship, he knows he needs to save her. He cannot understand why such a beautiful woman of such privilege could possibly be having the urge to kill herself. Once he gets to know her, Jack always pushes Rose, and insists, that she be who she is. That’s beautiful.

Reminds Her Not to Lose Herself

Because he puts her first, Jack forces Rose to remember to take care of her. He tells her she will die if she doesn’t break free (from her mom and Cal,) and that the fire she has inside her is gonna burn out.

She Praises His Talents

Rose is more than interested to view his works once she realizes Jack has artistic talents, as she is an avid art fan. When she sees his work, she compliments it and lets him tell her the stories. She is such a fan, she asks and lets him draw her, in the nude, like the girls from his drawings.

These are just the first of so many reasons why Titanic is such a romantic movie. Watch for Reasons Why Titanic is the Most Romantic Movie of the 90s: Part Two, and in the meantime, throw Titanic in the movie player for another showing. Happy watching!

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