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The 5 Best Action Movies of the 90s

Written by Emily Rokke

You know an action movie is good when someone literally takes their face off and puts on someone else’s face. Am I right? 90s action movies are the best.

Who doesn’t love a good action movie? They’re heart pounding, sweaty palms, and sitting on the edge of your seat good.

These are the five best action movies of the 90s. The explosions are grander and the schemes are sneakier. Pick Your Favorite!

#5 Bad Boys

Bad Boys has sleek cars, sleek shoes and a lot of good looking people. The two cops, a family man and a ladies man, come together as detectives and partners to protect a witness. They are given 72 hours to reclaim drugs that were stolen from their station. They also have to pretend to be each other and go through a slew of other obstacles in the Miami heat.

#4 Air Force One

The president and his family, wife and daughter, are all aboard Air Force One, with the staff as well. When the plane is taken over by terrorists, they believed that the president escaped in he pod, but he didn’t leave at all. He hides and manages to kill one of the leaders men, and therefore acquires his weapon. He eventually makes it upstairs, saves his family and the people that are left, and they all retake the plane. There are a few casualties but he is really for the people.

#3 The Rock

As a child, this is the first action movie I liked. The Rock is so action filled and so good! Alcatraz is seized by a rogue group of US Force Recon Marines in this flick. They took hostages and threatened to launch rockets filled with nerve gas over San Francisco unless they pay the ransom. $100 million. He is kind of like a Robin Hood gone bad because he wants to give the money to families who had people die in the missions under his commands. This movie is a must watch.

#2 Face Off

In Face Off, it’s the FBI agent against the bad guy. But then it becomes the “bad guy” against the “good guy.” They end up assuming each others identities, including each others faces. Troy-as-Archer got closer to Archer’s family, even though there was a little initial weirdness. Because after all, he’s not him. Eventually Archer-playing-Troy approaches Eve and convinces her that her husband isn’t who she thinks. She finds out the truth and in the end, she gets her husband back, and a cute little boy is added to their family as a result of the gun shed.

#1 Terminator II

Is Terminator II not everyone’s favorite Terminator movie? Terminators enemy is The T-1000, an advanced prototype made out of mimetic poly-alloy. The T-1000 can take on any shape and also transform its arms into blades and other shapes. This movie  is awesome to watch. Plus John and the Terminator bonded, too. It’s the best movie of the 90s.

Do you agree? Is Terminator II your favorite action movie of the 90s, too?

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