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The 90s Romance Movies Are The Best: Part One

Written by Emily Rokke

The 90s had amazing movies, no matter what genre you wanted. And the 90s romance movies  are simply the best.

90s Romance Movies: Pretty Woman

Now this is not your typical romance movie but it’s full of romance nonetheless. Edward is a businessman content on making money no matter what. Because of a dislike for his father, he took companies, tore them apart, and sold off the pieces. The first company he ever did this to was his fathers. On the other hand, Vivian makes her money in a much different way. She is content in the now of selling her body for money but throughout the movie you can always tell that she is striving and wanting more. When the two meet, Edward asks her to be his professional girlfriend for the week. They both fall for each other and by the end of the movie, he has changed his mind in business, life, and love. And she decides that he is the one she wants to kiss on the mouth forever.

90s Romance Movies: Titanic

If you’ve read my pieces before, you know how much of a fan I am of the movie Titanic. I’ve written before about Titanic being the best romantic movie of the 90s. You can see the first post HERE and the second post HERE. The thing is, Rose and Jack are just kids in this movie. Ok, teenagers, but same thing. Jack comes from no money and really no family but he knows what love is. And when he sees Rose, he knows that she is it. Rose, on the other hand, comes from a name that eludes to money, though her mom and her are truly poor. Rose is set to marry money and in turn, keep her and her mom out of the poor house. But Rose already feels discontent in her new plan and Jack tells her she is right to. He tells her that her fire will burn out if she stays. Eventually she gets out and her and Jack plan to be together forever. They don’t make it of course, but this movie is still beyond romantic.

What is your favorite romance movie of the 90s?

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