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The Best Dance Songs and Moves of the 90s

Written by Emily Rokke

Let’s dance like it’s the 90s! As a middle schooler, these songs were played at our dances, and then later throughout high school. Some of these songs and the dance moves that go with them are literally timeless, that’s how fun they are.


This song and dance are seen in movies, TV shows, and more. For instance, if someone says, “Vogue,” do you automatically strike a pose? Oh, just me? No! Striking a pose is just what you do. Just ask Madonna.

The Running Man

As seen on Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and more, the running man is an iconic 90s dance. It’s almost as if you’re walking but with big swinging arms and high knees in a quick motion. Are you trying to do this right now? Are you?

The Sprinkler

The Sprinkler was not made popular in the 90s but instead was still popular in the 90s. This is another move you see all over in movies and shows. Do the sprinkler and soon everyone else will be doing it, too.

The Macarena

This song is fun and the dance is even more fun. It doesn’t matter where I am, how I hear it, or what I’m doing, I hear the Macarena and I have to do it. Do the Macarena with friends, almost line style but not all the way. Use your hands, your hips, and your butt to move it, shake it, and get your dance on.

Hammer Time

Just throw on your parachute pants and do the hammer dance. Wait, just throw on your parachute pants and hammer time. There we go. Fun times.

Electric Slide

And last but not least, the electric slide. Now this is a line dance type for sure. Fun with friends, at dances, the bar, weddings, and more. Don’t know how to do the Electric Slide? Listen the the lyrics, they will help you along.

So it’s no surprise that Macarena is my favorite. What’s yours?

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