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The Best Drew Barrymore Movies of the 90s

Written by Emily Rokke

Drew Barrymore may have started her acting career in the 80s, but she was on fire in the 90s. These are some of her best movies.

Ever After: A Cinderella Story

This play on Cinderella is a beautiful adaptation with gorgeous sites and a heart-warming story. Danielle loses her Dad to start the movie and is made a servant to her step mom and step sisters. Nevertheless, Danielle grows up incredibly strong and kind. She crosses paths with Prince Henry, who has troubles of his own, and they quickly fall for each other. It’s not love at first sight but with the ever helpful Leonardo da Vinci there to lend a hand and bring the two together, it’s a happy ending after all. Happy ever after, if you will.

The Wedding Singer

When Robbie Hart meets Julia, there is an instant connection. Julia is a waitress at events where Robbie performs in a band. They are both in other relationships and preparing to get married, but it becomes clear that they should be together, especially when Julia’s fiance tells Robbie that he has not been faithful to her. In the end, Robbie sings to Julia on the plane’s public announcement system. He walks into her cabin on the plane and she gets up and walks away from her fiance (who is ultimately shoved into the toilet.) Aww, happy ending again.

Never Been Kissed

Josie is a copy editor that wants to be a reporter. All the sudden, she is cast into the role of a student to write, My Semester in High School. The feature piece is her to return to high school to find out what the kids are really like these days. She falls in love with her teacher. The thing is, he is falling for her, too. But as it is, he’s her teacher and she is in “high school.” But she isn’t. So she tells him the truth and they fight. At the end, she publicly asks him to meet her at home plate to give her a kiss. And once again, happy ending.

What’s your favorite Drew Barrymore movie? I could watch these three all day!

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