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The Best Family Pet And Animal Movies of the 90s

Written by Emily Rokke

Family movies of the 90s are awesome. These flicks are feel good, remember to be kind, family gold kind of stuff. These pet and animal movies have a lot of heart and you will love them.

No matter what kind of pet you had, they will always hold a place in your hearts. And they may even risk their own lives, to save yours.

Free Willy

Who doesn’t love this movie? The kid from the streets falls in love with a whale and only wants to take care of him. And when he sees how unhappy Willy really is, he does what he can to save him. And sets him free! Jesse is first introduced as homeless and into trouble and stealing with his friends. Through resistance, Jesse finally moves in with a foster family and it starts out as a rocky living situation. But Jesse learns love and respect from his time with Willy and he learns to love his new foster family, too.

101 Dalmatians

This play off of the animated version is really good and fun to watch. Cruella is just as hungry for those pups as ever, wanting to make herself a fashionable new coat. A dalmation coat. And for that she needs a lot of puppies. But the puppies help each other and outsmart the bad guys. Then, when Anita and Roger are told that the 84 additional puppies that were rescued had nowhere else to go, they invite them to live with them, and even buy the whole family a new house to live in. What a happy ending.

Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey

Chance, Shadow, and Sassy are the animals of the house, and they will always find their way home. When their family has to move to accommodate (the dad) Bob’s new job, the animals are left back home to be cared for by friends of the family. But when a miscommunication happens, the animals feel like they need to take the trip back to their family themselves.  No matter the miles, animals that threaten their lives, or the other various perils of the trip, they all make it to their family and their family couldn’t be more excited to be reunited.

Whether you are a puppy lover or a whale lover, these movies have what you want and love. Family. kids, and pets.


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