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The Best Love Songs of the 90s

Written by Emily Rokke

I know, I know, 80s love ballads and hair bands are where it’s at. But the 90s, well, they had amazing music, too, and some of the best were love songs. From Celine Dion to Boyz II Men, the love songs were everywhere.

Savage Garden- Truly Madly Deeply

If this song doesn’t remind you of Middle School dances, than you weren’t a 90s kid. Slow dancing on the dance floor or singing along with your friends, this song was totally 90s and totally sweet. As a tween, teen, or adult, this song was enjoyed by everyone.

Shania Twain- You’re Still The One

I went through a country phase in the 90s, and Shania Twain was a part of that phase. With her beautiful, southern voice and passion, this song is more than romantic. It’s the most romantic.

Elton John- Can You Feel The Love Tonight

This song is 90s and Lion King. And really, it doesn’t get more 90s love song than that. Here’s the music video, too, just in case you wanted to hear this song again. The whole vibe of this video is loving, contentment, and calming. But don’t watch the video as much as you listen to it..it holograms Elton John into the Lion King, and it’s really just weird.

Backstreet Boys- As Long As you Love Me

And then there are the boy bands of the decade. Well, the 90s was the decade of Boy Bands, so it’s only fitting there would be so many love songs coming out from these groups. If you want yourself some old school hits, this song is for you.

Aerosmith’s I don’t Want to Miss a Thing and K-Ci and JoJo’s All My Life are two other great songs from the decade. Do you love 90s music, too? What’s your favorite love song of the times?

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