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The Best of 90s Comedy: Part Two

Written by Emily Rokke

Who doesn’t love to laugh? Well, most people do anyhow. And the 90s has plenty of material when it comes to that. Here are some more of the best of the comedies from the 90s and both of them star Adam Sandler.

Big Daddy                        

Sonny is a law school graduate with an amazing apartment in Manhattan. The thing is, that’s all he is. In life, he’s lazy, sitting on his butt all day and living off of an investment he made that was a result of a lawsuit he had won a year ago. His girlfriend is fed up and leaves him, so he hatches a plan to adopt a five year old boy to prove how mature he is. Things don’t go as planned, at least in his eyes, and he finds himself a foster father who has a change in perspective that includes more than just looking out for himself. Of course, there are laughs all the way through, like most of Sandler’s work throughout the years.

Billy Madison

This classic Adam Sandler movie is another where he is flush with cash and not much else. In this flick, he plays Billy Madison, an immature and lazy man. (See a pattern here?) Madison wants to inherit his father’s hotel empire but to do so, is challenged with repeating grades 1-12 all over again. Billy does not want his father’s company to go to Eric, the current head of the major hotel chain. Eric has it out for Billy who must spend 2 weeks in each grade to fulfill the requirement his father has placed on him. The further Billy gets in the process, the more Eric tries to derail him but in the end, he does finish the schooling and inherits the hotel company from his father and keeps you laughing the whole time.

Which of these Sandler classics are your favorite? What other 90s comedies can you not get enough of?

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