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The Best of Kids Shows: 90s Cartoons

Written by Emily Rokke

There is no doubt about it, 90s cartoons were awesome. Especially compared to now. Can you imagine growing up with Japanese cartoons like the kids of today? Let’s feel sorry for them while remembering how awesome our cartoons were.

90s Cartoons: Doug

Doug Funny, his BFF Skeeter Valentine, and his love, Patti Mayonnaise, make this cartoon so fun. Oh, and his dog Porkchop, too. Doug is quiet and introspective, always writing in his journal. All Doug wants to do is navigate through life and school. And, after all, 6th grade is hard. But with your BFF and your girl on your side, life is not only fun, it’s an adventure. This cartoon is based largely on the creators upbringing and childhood.

90s Cartoons: Rugrats

All about the babies! Rugrats stars four babies and their snotty cousin, Angelica. Tommy was always shown as brave, the one to solve the problem and boldly help anyone who needed it. Along with Tommy, Phil and Lil, and all their parents, this show became a huge hit for Nickelodeon and the viewers proved that. Rugrats was so good, it was the second longest running Nicktoon and even won 20+ awards over the years.

90s Cartoons: Dexter’s Laboratory

All a boy genius needs is his annoying sister, right? Dexter’s Lab was such a great cartoon. What kid doesn’t want to be an awesome scientist with a secret lab, and the chance to go on wacky adventures? Dexter has this awesome accent too, to go along with his alter-ego. But at the same time, he is still a kid at heart. Case in point, he doesn’t like vegetables, he’s afraid of being grounded and he doesn’t get along with his sister.

If you didn’t love these 90s cartoons, there were plenty more to enjoy from the decade. The 90s were awesome and the 90s cartoons were just another reason why.

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