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The Best Sayings That We Love From Clueless

Written by Emily Rokke

Clueless was easily one of our favorites from the 90s. This high school had great education, according to Cher, but no date-able guys.


This was Amber’s sassy comment to almost everything. Make sure you use your thumb and first finger into the shape of a ‘W’ while you say it, so you can be just like Amber. 

“You are a snob and a half.”

Cher says this to Amber, and it totally works here. Amber goes out of her way to be snobby and for sure walks around with her (nose job) nose up in the air. Girl, bye.

“Do you prefer fashion victim or ensembly challenged?”

But don’t think that Cher didn’t have clapbacks of her own. Amber was always stealing Cher’s style so really it’s no surprise that Cher called her out on it.We should bring this phrase back, I mean have you seen what the kids are wearing these days? Ha.

“You’re a virgin who can’t drive.” 

There’s nothing like saying the meanest things you can during a fight with your best friend. Tai says this to Cher, and does eventually end up taking it back. You should say this to your friends..not because it really works (unless you have virgin friends without licenses that is,) but it will for sure be funny and there may be some Clueless fans that really appreciate the reference.  

“I was surfing the crimson wave.”

When Cher was told about her late attendance record to class, this was an excuse for one of the late arrivals. Her teacher at the time told her he assumed she was referring to ‘ladies troubles’ and excused her for that tardy. We all have our different references or things we call our monthly, this is Cher’s.

“I feel like such a bonehead.”

Oh no Cher, you just have bad gaydar. Or you did at least. Cher says this when she learns that Christian is gay. She was think that he would be her new boyfriend and that he was the perfect high school, male specimen but it turns out, they just weren’t meant to be.

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