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The Best Teen Movies 20 Years Ago

Written by Emily Rokke

A short 20 years ago, I was a teen. So I have it on pretty good authority what the best movies were at the time. And here are my picks.

10 things I hate About You

This movie is all about high school, dating, boys, girls, drama, fighting, siblings, and everything else we all remember from high school. The sisters are being raised by a single father. Bianca is younger and wants to date, party, and live her fun and popular life. Her older sister Kat was a part of the popular group but long ago. She now likes the less popular and small group of friends life. The thing is, Dad says Bianca can’t date until Kat does. In solidarity, Kat agrees to a date so that sister Bianca can go to the prom. Most of it is a mess but in the end, both sisters are with great guys.

She’s All That

Whether you were the bullied or the bully, you can relate to this high school movie. Laney Boggs is the bullied. She is a sweet, smart, arty girl with a few great friends but is made fun of by the masses. So, when she is asked out by high school hottie, Zack Siler, it’s hard to believe. Zack has claimed that he can make any girl as beautiful and popular as his ex, who dumped him, claiming that she was all fake and wonder-bra anyhow. Everything begins to fall into place but Zack quickly falls for Laney, before she finds out the truth. Twists and turns make this love story less than a fairy tale, but at the end, Zack and Laney are happily together.

These are two of the best teen movies from 20 years ago, but there are so many more! What are your favorite 90s teen movies?

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