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The Best Teen Movies of the 90s

Written by Emily Rokke

If it wasn’t for stealing the microphone and singing his way into her heart, Kat may never have been swayed. Then again, watching Josie go back to high school in one of the best 90s teen movies is just about everyone’s worst nightmare come true. No matter the situation, these movies are some of the best and good for watching, again and again.

The Best Teen Movies of the 90s: She’s All That

This late 90s movie was released in 1999 and the kids loved it. Laney is a bit of an outcast, very into art and unapologetically herself. When the popular Zack starts talking to her, she knows something is up. But he plays it off and they end up really liking each other, that is, until she finds out she was just a bet. Full of sass and sweets, this movie starts off a joke and bet and ends up in love. Aww.

The Best Teen Movies of the 90s: 10 Things Is Hate About You

Teen romance is everywhere in 10 Things I Hate About You. Bianca wants to date but house rules state that her older sister Kat must date first. And Kat doesn’t want to date, at all. Whether Kat is making sure Bianca stays away from notorious (and boring) Joey, or if it’s Bianca helping her sister to learn the truth about Patrick, they can’t help but be great sisters. And well they may not be friends, they are each other’s best ally.

The Best Teen Movies of the 90s: Never Been Kissed

Technically this movie stars a 25 year old journalist, but when she goes on assignment at a local high school, it’s like she’s a teenager all over again. And for her, high school wasn’t the easiest or funnest. With names like Josie Grossy and memories of being left and stood up for prom, it’s no wonder she wouldn’t want to “try it again” and hope for better results this time. But when Josie goes “back to school” she still doesn’t seem to be so cool. Her brother steps in to help with street cred but when she falls for her teacher, she’s really got to figure out what means more to her. Her first kiss, or her job.

The Best Teen Movies of the 90s: Clueless

Cher, Dionne and the rest of the Clueless gang are rich beyond need, making this movie not only unnecessarily extravagant but really fun to watch. I mean, it was the 90s and Cher had the most cool closet and outfit system ever. Not to mention a gorgeous mansion and a BFF with lots of money and her own unique fashion sense. At the end of the day, Clueless has lots of laughs and you can learn a lot, like, that it’s acceptable to date your ex-step-brother.

If you want to laugh and relive the fads, fashion and attitudes of the 90s, these flicks are it. You can binge watch them for fun or throw and popcorn and movie party and dress and your favorite character. Either way, we love the 90s and we love these movies, too.


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