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The Worst Shoes of the 90s

Written by Emily Rokke

Remember the worst shoes and styles of the 90s? Jellies, platforms and wedges, oh my! Let’s take a look back.

The Worst Shoes of the 90s: Platform Shoes

Platforms could be the most common shoe trend of the decade. Sandals, boots, and heels alike had the thickest and widest soles, making you taller than you ever could be. Well we thought they looked good, looking back, we all looked like a bunch of Spice Girl wannabes, and really, we were.

The Worst Shoes of the 90s: Jellies

You didn’t grow up a girl of the 90s, if you didn’t don jelly sandals. These “shoes” were popular with kids, and teens, even women liked them throughout the decade. Looking at them today, you remember that they weren’t that comfortable, often dug into your feet and gave you blisters if you had them on for too long. But, we loved them nonetheless.

The Worst Shoes of the 90s: Dr. Martens

These shoes were so trendy in the 90s, everyone wanted Dr. Martens. These pricey shoes came in boots, high and short cut, lace up shoes, and even sandals. This brown sandal picture (featured image) has got to bring back memories for you, I know it does for me. The lighter colored stitching, heavy buckles and dark brown leather, I can almost feel the heaviness that came with wearing these shoes.

The Worst Shoes of the 90s: Birkenstocks

These sandals, too, were such an “in” thing in the 90s. The two thick straps and the equally heavy buckle look. These weren’t super great looking but they were so comfortable. And even though the style didn’t change, the look of them did. You could get them in animal prints, brown, black, patterned and more. This style was terrible back then, and still is, yet the look seems to be making a small comeback in 2018.

The Worst Shoes of the 90s: Clogs

Clogs! Even though these shoes were like open-toed shoes, well open-heel shoes really, they were worn year around. The thing was, these shoes weren’t very good-looking either. They were also heavy, clunky, and if you weren’t careful, they were liable to fall off your feet. Really, you could be walking up the steps or have to step over something and that was it, you lost your shoe.

The 90s were great but the shoes, not so much? Sure, the comfy shoes may have made it out of the decade and into the 2000s and beyond, but comfy still doesn’t mean good looking.

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