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These 3 Movies From 1999 Turn 20 This Year: Part One

Written by Emily Rokke

If you can believe it, the end of the 90s was 20 years ago already. These movies are all turning 20 this year and some of them are even coming back out into the theater in celebration.

Cruel Intentions

This movie turned 20 just last week. It came into the theater for just one week. In fact, if you go quickly, you still may be able to catch the screening. When Cruel Intentions came out in 1999, it was an instant success. Teens, college kids, and young adults alike loved the sex appeal and naughty nature of this late 90s movie. Critics reviews were not great but the performances of Gellar, Philippe, and Witherspoon were all praised.

10 Things I Hate About You

Another romantic comedy we all loved was 10 Things I Hate About You. This movie centered around dating and sisters. The younger sister wants to go on dates with boys and the old sister does not. Because of this, their Dad forbids the younger Bianca from dating until the old sister, Kat, will. This all blows up in his face when Kat does accept a date and then Bianca can, too. In the end, the sisters become closer than ever and both end up with great guys that even their Dad can’t hate.

The Green Mile

This Tom Hanks classic is considered a mystery but can easily be seen as a drama and suspense movie. This movie revolves around the lives of guards on Death Row. The Green Mile is all about one of the prisoners, a black man accused of child murder and rape. But this man is the gentlest and sweetest (but biggest) man you’ll ever see. He has a mysterious gift in this movie it’s a beautiful thing to see. The Green Mile is always good to watch it again, even if it’s just playing on tv.

There are so many more movies that are turning 20 this year. Watch for more articles so that you can rewatch and enjoy some of your favorites!

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