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These Are The Phrases We Loved in the 90s

Written by Emily Rokke

The 90s were totally sweet! And so were the sayings that came from the decade. Let’s see some of the awesome phrases we loved in the 90s.

As if!

Of course, this was made very popular by the 90s movie, Clueless. To say “as if” means “whatever” or “ok,” a very sarcastic ok. If someone says this to you, they are not going to do whatever is being talked about. “As if” is the 90s version of the 80s, “yeah right.”

Talk to the Hand

This is too funny because kids of the 90s used it all the time. And it’s so dumb, really. If you didn’t want to listen to someone or wanted to be rude and tell them not to talk, you would stick your hand in front of their face as if you’re giving a high five, but instead, you just say, “talk to the hand.” Use, “talk to the hand because the face ain’t listening.” to really use the full phrase.


This is still used today. Totally is said in agreeance meaning yes, and of course. This was totally on of the phrases we loved.


Again, this is still very popular today. You can say it to your friend, your boss, your family, maybe even your mom! This greeting is most popular among stoners, surfers and skaters, but is used by many. It can mean homie or friend. But did you know, when it first came out in 1883 in England, that “dude” referred to a stuck up person who was overly dressed?

My bad!

Popular in the 90s and still used all the time, “my bad” is a very informal way to say “I’m sorry.”  It’s almost as if you are apologizing but you don’t mean it. People don’t like this in place of an actual apology and it can be offensive to some if you say “my bad” and not react sincerely and acknowledge your mistake or error.


Use sweet to mean awesome, cool, awe or excellence. It can also show that you agree, approve of or are on board with the situation or conversation. Though this isn’t as popular as it was in the 90s, you will still hear it sometimes. 

Your mom!

The classic your mom jokes are still around and here to stay. But the 90s really solidified this phrase.  Any question could be answered with, “your mom.” Use this if you don’t know how to answer something or if you want to piss someone off. It won’t always do the trick but likely it will.


Another way to agree with and show acceptance is to say “word.” This means yes, I agree, I concur, well said, and truth. 

These phrases we loved are still used and coming back today.  Which of these do you use or hear others use?


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