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These Were The Best Things About The 90s

Written by Emily Rokke

The 90s had all the funnest things. We all still want to do “The Macarena” and Silly Putty took on a new form in 2017 and came back as homemade slime. These were the funnest and coolest things from the 90s.

The Best Things: Tamagotchis

Just throw your new pet on your keys and make sure to feed it and give it water. So fun. This would be a great toy to play with again.

The Best Things: The Macarena

The funnest dance and song award goes to “The Macarena.” This fun and easy dance is the best with your girl friends and the song easily guides anyone along who wants to join in.

The Best Things: Beanie Babies

All the Beanie Babies! You wanted every one that came out and collected all that you could. Well, if you wanted to. This was never a personal hobby but the kids loved it.

The Best Things: AOL

It was everywhere. It was everything. AOL was there for you to chat, email, and more.

The Best Things: Lisa Frank

Bright rainbow colors, unicorns, and glitter. Lisa Frank had everything a 90s girl craved.

The Best Things: Slang

What’s the dillio? Whassup? Talk to the hand (’cause the face ain’t listening’,) chat acronyms (LOL, TMI), psyche, NOT, let’s roll, I will jack you up, shorty, how’d you get so fly?, dude, and of course, dawg. These sayings were wicked sweet in the 90s.

The Best Things: Silly Putty

This was the slime of the 90s. (You know slime..all the kids are obsessed with it these days.)

The Best Things: Frosted Tips

Boys bands had it, and you did, too. If you wanted to have the coolest look, you got frosted tips.

The Best Things: Crimped Hair

And not in the pretty, wavy 2018 kind of way. In the literal back and forth, jagged crimped hair kind of way.

The Best Things: Titanic

This hit movie became a classic and is still popular today. Some would even call it, the most romantic movie of the 90s.

The Best Things: Bop It

Yes! Who doesn’t want to play with this right now? Bop it, twist it, pull it, ya!

Oh my gosh, these are all the funnest things about the 90s! On to do list: watch Titanic and wavy crimp my hair. 


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