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Two Reasons Why Dawson’s Creek is For Any Teen

Written by Emily Rokke

Dawson’s Creek came out in the late 90s, just before I became a teen and I for one, loved it. And still do.

This show tackles all things teen and is for the ages.

Specifically, you see a lot about the families and the relationships of these kids. These are important things to see because they give you perspective and are relatable.


There are many dynamics woven through the kids and their families in this teen drama. Joey has a family with people incarcerated and others that had passed away from cancer. Dawson’s Mom cheats on his Dad and they get a divorce. (And Ultimately get back together years later.)

Pacey and his father don’t get along. Jen is living with her Grandma because she has problems with her parents.

And Andy and Jack deal with taking care of their mom at such a young age, in turn, having to care for themselves. Andy is also dealing with mental illness and Jack is sharing his truth with everyone, that he’s gay.

These are all very real, very true things that teens deal with. And they not only deal with their relationships with their families, but also with each other.


Dawson likes Jen and that’s the initial relationship of the show. Joey realizes that not only does she want to be with Dawson but that she doesn’t want anyone else to be with him either. After that fades, Dawson and Joey finally share their mutual like for each other and date, just to have it fall apart several times.

Pacey and Andy are together and navigate a relationship with mental illness.

Joey and Jack date before Jack tells everyone that he is gay. This was big for the 90s and not as prevalent and seen in the media or depicted on TV. For kids to see what other kids go through, that makes it real for them. And the more relatable a TV show is the more kids benefit from seeing these relationships played out.

What You Won’t See In Dawson’s Creek

One thing Dawson’s Creek doesn’t discuss is social media and its social implications.   Set when it was, the characters have cell phones and use computers but not in the way we do now. They didn’t know the things that come with social media and constantly being plugged in. It could be said that this was the last time period sans smartphones.

Dawson’s Creek is a good show that features a lot of tough topics and worthy conversations. The kid’s conversations are full of big words too, so if nothing else, you’ll learn to grow your vocabulary list!

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