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What Life Was Like Almost 30 Years Ago: 1990

Written by Emily Rokke

It’s hard to believe that twenty eight years ago it was 1990. Up until this year, you could still smoke on airplanes. Consider that, less than 30 years ago, you could still smoke on airplanes. Wow. And now your kids can’t even bring peanut butter sandwiches to school.  Life in 1990 was (mostly) cell phone, social media, and internet free. It was just coming off the 1980s and full of fun and nostalgia. Here’s a look back at the best of 1990.

Life in 1990: TV Shows


The Fresh Prince of Bel-air


The Flash

Ferris Bueller

Tiny Toon Adventures


The Outsiders

The Bradys

Captain Planet and the Planeteers

Life in 1990: Movies


Home Alone

Back to the Future Part III

Pretty Woman

Edward Scissorhands

Die Hard 2

Kindergarten Cop


Jetsons: The Movie

Life in 1990: People Born in 1990

Jennifer Lawrence

Sarah Hyland

Thomas Brodie-Sangster

Soulja Boy

Emma Watson

Kristen Stewart

Chris Colfer

Life in 1990:  Population

The US had more than 249 million people in 1990. The world had over 5 billion.

Life in 1990: World News

The demolition of the Berlin Wall officially started in June 1990.

Nelson Mandela is released from prison in South Africa.

The first McDonalds in Moscow Russia opens after 8 months of construction.

Industrialized countries agree to stop dumping waste into the oceans of the world.

The Leaning Tower of Pisa is closed to the public due to safety concerns of it falling over.

As of February 1990, smoking is banned on all cross-country flight in the US.

The first high speed internet connection is made of the TAT-8 fiber optic cable allowing faster internet communication between North America and Europe.

Nelson Mandela is freed after spending 27 years as a political prisoner.

Life in 1990: Fun Facts

America’s Favorite animated family “The Simpsons ” is aired on Fox for the first time.

Microsoft releases WIndows 3.0.

Stevie Ray Vaughan was killed in a helicopter crash in Elkhorn, WI.

Ice Ice Baby was the first rap single to reach #1 in the US in 1990.

The price of a loaf of bread is $.70.

IMDb is one of the oldest websites on the internet. It started in 1990 was a list of actresses with beautiful eyes.

A Superbowl ad cost $700,000 in 1990.

This year started the 90s off in the best way, and we miss you 1990!

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