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What Makes the Very First Episode of Sex and the City Great

Written by Emily Rokke

Sex and the City, the entertainment of the 90s. Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda are women living in Manhattan, trying to figure out life, and men. This first episode of Sex and the City is such a great start to the show and really sets the stage.

The Situations

It starts out with typing on a screen. Writer, Carrie Bradshaw, is telling her story. Writers are sweet. Just Saying.

The first scene is about a relationship. This is telling for Sex and the City, as most of the show revolves around the girls and their relationships.

Someone gets ghosted.

This is a now term, to ghost someone. It means to never talk to again, whether by someone you were in a relationship with, or even a friend. The first episode, Elizabeth meets a guy and they date for a short while. He offers for her to meet his parents and then never calls her again. He ghosts her.

The Friends

Miranda, Charlotte are introduced.

Let’s face it, these girls, along with Carrie and Samantha, are the stars of the show. Miranda starts by telling a story about a woman was got tons of dates, got older and suddenly didn’t date anymore. Then, she had to move back home with her Mom in WI.

Charlotte, on the other hand, says that most men are threatened by successful women. According to her, you need to keep your mouth shut and play by the rules to get these guys.

Skipper is also introduced.

Skipper and Miranda date later in the show but he is a good friend of Carrie’s and you see him a lot in Sex and the City. He is a hopeless romantic, through and through.

Then we meet Samantha.

At dinner, she explains that you should just go out and have sex like a man, without feelings.


Carrie meets Big. This is huge. Carrie and Big are on and off for the entirety of the seasons, but, spoiler alert, they’re more on the off at the end!

The 90s

Carrie is smoking a cigarette, in a restaurant. That’s so 90s.

Carrie is smoking in the bars. Again, so 90s. This isn’t even a thing anymore because of the health risks of it all, but how cool does Carrie look enjoying a smoke with her cocktail?

This first episode of Sex and the City is classic and a great lead in to the rest of the show. Haven’t seen it in a while? The show is “free” to watch on Amazon, if you have prime.


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