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Who Doesn’t Love These 90s Logos?

Written by Emily Rokke

The 9os was awesome, we all know that. And the logos of the 90s were cool, too. For the most part, they are bright, bold, colorful designs with logos we have come to recognize.


MTV was the tween station of the 90s. Music videos were the cool thing to watch and everyone was doing it. This graffiti look is the most iconic logo and totally 90s.


The original Apple icon is rainbow colored with horizontal stripes and it’s cool. It should be this icon forever. Rainbow power.

Toys “R” Us

Out of business, so sad. This toy shop had it all from large and overstuffed animals to nerf water blasters and even make your own jewelry sets! This was the toy store you went to marvel at, window shop, and add to your Christmas list.


This logo has been the same since 1959 and it’s safe to say it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. The hot pink encompasses everything that is Barbie and we love it.


Hot Wheels

Girl or boy, everyone liked to play with Hot Wheels. They cars are so little and intricately designed. Plus they have every color you ever wanted. As for the logo, it’s stayed pretty much the same over the years. They use red and yellow-orange to mimic a flame and that’s how we know their logo best.  And as always, the Mattel logo is seen within the Hot Wheels logo as a part of the overall design.

Sweet Tarts

Sweet Tarts, yum. When was the last time you had this tangy, delicious treat? This bubbly logo connects the words Sweet and Tart together by the first and second t’s.

This version has the descriptor “tangy candy” in a lower typeface with the “N” in capital letters for fun. The current design leaves out the descriptor but the design is otherwise the same.

These logos are just a few of the greats from the 90s, so great, many of them are still the same today. Which is your favorite?





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