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90s Fashion: Looks of the 90s

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Written by Emily Rokke

The 90s had flared jeans, studded belts, and platform shoes and everyone loved them. These 90s looks will have you feeling all the nostalgia.

Looks of the 90s: Flared Jeans

This look was first called bell bottoms in the 70s but came back wider in the 90s and took on the name “flared.” Embellishments such as beads and glitter made these jeans even more 90s.

Looks of the 90s: Mood RIngs

If you wanted to be a 90s girl, you had to don a mood ring. Your mood ring changed in color, depending on your mood. Each ring came with a color chart, or you could view it before you bought it, so you knew which mood went with each color.

Looks of the 90s: Slap Bracelets

These colorful, fun bracelets were popular no matter what age you were. Sometimes you got them from the gumball type vending machines and other times, they were at the end of the checkout line, taunting you with a last minute impulse buy.  And the best part? These bracelets came with the best looks of the 90s including animal print, bright plaid, and more.

Looks of the 90s: Chokers

And can you believe, these are still on sale in some place?. Or maybe, on sale again? It’s a true story, These necklaces were commonly made of thin plastic, and bound together as a form-fitting, tight necklace. A ribbon or lace could be tied as a choker, too.

Looks of the 90s: Overalls

Overalls were comfy, cute and in fashion, so why wouldn’t you wear them? Plus, the could be paired with any bright-colored shirt you liked or only strapped on one side, if that trend was more you.

Looks of the 90s: Platform Shoes

Platform shoes were the flatter heels of the 90s. You could have platform sneakers, platform sandals or even platform boots and you would always have that 90s look.

Looks of the 90s: Scrunchies

Carrie Bradshaw didn’t like scrunchies. But, what did she know? These big, colorful hair ties were popular throughout the 90s. Otherwise, like Carrie said, you could always use them to throw your hair back when you were washing your face.

Whether you loved these styles or not, it’s true, they were undeniably 90s looks. Some may even be coming back, only time will tell. But until then, we miss you 90s!


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