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WickedSweet90s: The Things We Did In The 90s

Written by Emily Rokke

Where were you May 4th, 1995? You probably don’t remember. But chances are, you were doing one of these things. Because these are things we did in the 90s.

Things We Did In The 90s: Mall

Like the 80s, 90s kids and families loved the mall. Weeknight? Why not walk through and maybe grab a burger. Weekend? All day. Shopping, arcades, and good eats, oh my!

Things We Did In The 90s: Roller Skating

Roller skating rinks are still around, but they are nothing like the 90s, and before! Kids, teens, and adults alike have a great time whipping around the rink.

Things We Did In The 90s: Collected Beanie Babies

If you had all the Beanie Babies, you were the coolest. It was late 1995 when the Beanie Babies craze and collecting started. The company only produced new designs for a limited amount of time to create intense demand, and it worked. In their heyday, Beanie Babies sold for as much as ten-fold more on Ebay.

Things We Did In The 90s: Had Terrible Insults

Remember when we all said “whatever” and it could mean almost anything. “Whatever,” was often said in conjunction with using your thumbs and forefingers to form a ‘w’ with your hands. And you could say whatever to mean yes, it’s cool, that’s ok, doesn’t matter to me, if you’re annoyed and for so many other emotions and reactions.

Things We Did In The 90s: Make Mix Tapes

Raise your hand if you remember making a mixtape, from your radio! Yes! You too? Making a mixtape was no small feat and you had to put a lot of work into it. To make it great, you had to sit and listen to the radio, stopping and starting, all the while recording, to have just songs, and no commercials. Kids now have never had it so easy.

Things We Did In The 90s: Watch VHS Video (with two VHS’)

How about this. Did you ever watch a movie so long, it included two VHS tapes just to view it? Titanic anyone? That VHS box set was two tapes.

Things We Did In The 90s: Hard Copy Directions

Before Google, Siri, and GPS told us how to get there, the computer did. And you had to print it out and bring it with you. It was basically a new age map.

Things We Did In The 90s: Calling after 9

Free night and weekends, the phone lines were blowing up! Now most calls are free, texts are free, and our phones are an entire computer and all at our fingertips. The world will never be the same again.

Making mixtapes and waiting until after 9 to have a social life is definitely a thing of the past. What do you miss from the 90s?


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